Longstitch dream journal in vegan tree leather / Kraft-Tex with bronze moon charm

Longstitch Books

Medieval-Inspired Journals with bindings that open wide and last for centuries.

Get Medieval

Casebound Books

When You think of a hardcover journal, this is it. This is as "traditional" as it gets in here.

Go Hard, or Go Home

Coptic Style Books

One of the oldest bindings we would recognize as a book. You cannot find a book that will open wider, nor display the stitching so prominently.

Go With An Original

Pride Journals & Sketchbooks

Stand Proud

For everyone and anyone. Choose a premade journal, or get in touch to design one with whatever colors you fly.

Miniature Books

Miniature books have no sides greater than three inches. I make these to the same standards as my full sized books. And I like to get REALLY REALLY tiny with them.

Mini Me

Criss-Cross, AKA, Secret Belgian

This innovative binding opens easily, is sewn sans adhesive, and the spine is protected. Revolutionary!

Spill the Beans