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Winter Botanical Journals

Winter Botanical Journals

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Winter is becoming my favorite time of year to be outside. This fountain pen friendly journal can last for most of the season, even if you write a lot, with its 200 lined pages. I have fond memories of having all of the holly we ever wanted as a kid, since a nearby family member had a tree that my dad pruned yearly for decorations, and I pictured my father with a saw, a lady, and a fuzzy coat, handing the pointy branches down to a very small version of me.

Please read more below about the binding style of this book, after the details of your particular journal.

Winter Botanical Journal

Size: 5 ½ X 4 ⅜ inches

Binding: Casebound

Cover Materials: Linen and decorative paper over boards

Endpapers: White

Misc: Secretly matching thread inside

Paper Stock: 24lb Classic Crest in “Whitestone”

Page Count: 200

Page Format: Lines

When we think of a "hardcover" book, we usually mean a casebound tome. After the textblock is sewn, glued, and reinforced, it is cased-in to the cover. What results is a durable book that will last for a few lifetimes. Casebound books are generally a sort of compromise between the wide-opening longstitch binding and the need for some rigidity and/or the desire for a more "traditional" book. I carefully measure and construct my own casebound books to open more easily than usual, without sacrificing security or structural integrity. 

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