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Strappy-Snappy Blue Pocket Journals

Strappy-Snappy Blue Pocket Journals

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I'm in love with this closure; the strap and snaps are on the flap, resulting in them being completely out of your way when you use the book. Not only will this longstitch binding open wide -- without anything riveted or sewn onto the main cover. It sits flat on your writing surface, too. The narrow lines and fountain pen friendly paper make these 200 pages feel more like 300 to me!

Size: 3.5 X 5 inches

Binding: Medieval Longstitch with waxed French variegated thread

Cover: Hand-dyed Kraft-Tex ("tree leather"), with contrasting strap closure that has riveted silver button snaps for security and cuteness.

Paper: 200 pages of narrow lines; 24lb Classic Crest in "Solar White," made in the USA.

About This Binding

Dating at least as far back as the late Medieval period, this "stationery" binding was developed to be simple, durable, and portable. Combined with modern materials, you have a journal that will *not* bust, that shows off its non-adhesive binding, and that opens wide for you right from the start.

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