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Small Spring Long stitch Journals

Small Spring Long stitch Journals

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Grab one of these on your way out the door, and you're all set to document all of your warm weather walks. Coming in at about 5 X 4 inches, these are portable and flexible, yet still durable enough to enchant you with  perfect pocketable proportions on which to write, with riveted button closures to keep your work safe from prying eyes or a sudden rainshower. 

Inside, 192 lined pages of Classic Crest in "Solar White" wait for your fountain pens, your pencils, your favorite bright gel pens, or whatever you want to write with today.

I made two green and two purple, but my youngest saw them. (So now there is one fewer purple.) The Kraft-Tex is hand-dyed in Germany and is magical for its toughness, durability, and the fact that is a a fabric made of paper!

Please read on for some history of this binding method, as well as details about your particular book.

Size: Approx 5 X 4 inches

Binding: Medieval longstitch with external twists; 100% linen thread from Northern Ireland, waxed with locally produced beeswax.

Cover: Kraft-Tex in Orchid and Greenery

Innards: 192 lined pages, 24lb Smooth Classic Crest writing paper in Solar White (made in the USA)

Etc.: Double rivet button closure

Dating at least as far back as the late Medieval period, this "stationery" binding was developed to be simple, durable, and portable. Combined with modern materials, you have a journal that will *not* bust, that shows off its non-adhesive binding, and that opens wide for you right from the start.

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