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Pencil Revolution Zine No. 32: The Bookstore Issue #1

Pencil Revolution Zine No. 32: The Bookstore Issue #1

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When we asked for submissions for a bookstore issue, we had no idea that so many Comrades would send in so much awesome stuff! We couldn't fit it all into one issue without leaving out stuff we really wanted to include. So this is only part one (of two or even three) issues about bookstores, featuring:

-- A trip to Greytown, New Zealand
-- Favorite bookshops
-- How to buy a book for someone else
-- Ferrulehead
-- And more!

The cover is a printed on a copper parchment that feels REALLY GOOD in your hands. Subscribers might notice a little something extra in their shipments. We have a few postcards left that we'll toss into envelopes at random until they are gone.

The format is a quarter sheet zine, measuring about 5 1/2 by 4 1/4 inches.
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