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Over Edge Bound Pride Journal

Over Edge Bound Pride Journal

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This one of a kind journal features a hand stitched binding that extends across the entire spine, showcasing the rainbow thread and the colorful signature wrappers inside. Each of the six wrapped contains heavy white lined pages that will handle your favorite pencils and fountain pens with aplomb. The cover is made from Kraft-Tex, a magical fabric made from cellulose that is as tough as leather but totally vegan (wewww!).

Size: 4.75 x 4 inches

Binding: Lonstitch-slats/Over-edge

Cover Materials: Black Kraft-Tex (“tree leather”)

Endpapers: N/A

Misc: N/A

Paper Stock: Neenah Astrobrights signature wrappers (24 blank pages), Neenah Astrobrights “White 97” (144 lined pages)


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