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Ocean Explorer Adventure Books

Ocean Explorer Adventure Books

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Adventures need to be documented, and these books are more than up to the task. Covered in "tree leather," a sturdy material made from cellulose that is as strong as leather, the pages are bound with heavy orange thread straight to the spine. This method allows the book to be flexible, durable, and helps it to open wiiiiiiiiide. I sewed assorted glossy ocean creature beads into the outside of the spines, making each book unique. Wrapping it up is a sewn-on strap with a riveted button.

This book is bound with 120 blank pages of thick drawing paper and comes in at about 5 X 4 inches. So you can stick this book in your pocket and embark on your next adventure, whether it is to the zoo, the beach, your favorite city park, or your own backyard.

All of my books are made by me, by hand, in my apartment overlooking the Roland Watertower.

Dating at least as far back as the late Medieval period, this "stationery" binding was developed to be simple, durable, and portable. Combined with modern materials, you have a journal that will *not* bust, that shows off its non-adhesive binding, and that opens wide for you right from the start.

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