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Large Full Cloth Journals

Large Full Cloth Journals

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These A5 sized books are full of a 64gsm, smooth, opaque paper from Japan that is wonderful for fountain pens. With the fully cloth covered case*, you get excellent durability and still have a book that opens easily for use at your desk or on the go. Read on for the details of available books and more about the history/background of this binding.

*Say that ten times fast.

Orange: 8.25 X 5.75 inches; 224 lined pages; white end pages; matching endbands

When we think of a "hardcover" book, we usually mean a casebound tome. After the textblock is sewn, glued, and reinforced, it is cased-in to the cover. What results is a durable book that will last for a few lifetimes. Casebound books are generally a sort of compromise between the wide-opening longstitch binding and the need for some rigidity and/or the desire for a more "traditional" book. I carefully measure and construct my own casebound books to open more easily than usual, without sacrificing security or structural integrity. 

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