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Large Casebound Bullet Journals, Cream Linen Cloth and Nautical Knots

Large Casebound Bullet Journals, Cream Linen Cloth and Nautical Knots

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A5 books are popular with bullet journalers and desk writers alike, with their easy-opening construction, large format, and smooth paper. This Japanese stock reminds me of Tomoe River paper -- if you could use the back of the page and if ink actually dried in a reasonable amount of time. I prefer this to the crinkle, and I enjoy working with it to make books. With thick boards, heavy decorative paper, and housemade linen bookcloth, this bujo is as tactile as it is ready to help you organize and track your Life.

*Note: Casebound A5 books ship in a protective box!

Size: approx. 8.25 X 5.75 inches (A5 international size)

Binding: Casebound with archival materials; white endpapers; matching endbands

Cover: Bookcloth  and decorative paper over boards

Paper: 64gsm Japanese stock; smooth, fountain pen friendly; 200 dot grid pages.

About this Binding:

When we think of a "hardcover" book, we usually mean a casebound tome. After the textblock is sewn, glued, and reinforced, it is cased-in to the cover. What results is a durable book that will last for a few lifetimes. Casebound books are generally a sort of compromise between the wide-opening longstitch binding and the need for some rigidity and/or the desire for a more "traditional" book. I carefully measure and construct my own casebound books to open more easily than usual, without sacrificing security or structural integrity. 

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