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Hardcover Sketchbooks with Pencil Slot

Hardcover Sketchbooks with Pencil Slot

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I made these last month and forgot about them: a pair of thick, casebound sketchbooks full of thick white drawing paper. The covers are made from bookcloth and a subtle marbled paper I made myself, and there are a couple of fun extras: a black ribbon bookmark, and a cloth pencil slot. I measured this to hold a wooden pencil tightly and did not use any elastic. It might stretch a little to fit something wider that you insert, but there's no hidden rubber to go saggy and case you to lose your pencil while you're strolling around your favorite museum or making sketches of urban architecture on your favorite bus route. These are portable, yet beefy. (If you have a preference for one cover over the other, please leave a note with your order.)

Read on for details about your book and a little information about the binding method employed here.

Size: 6 X 4.5 inches

Cover: Cloth and hand-marbled (suminagashi) paper over boards; gold parchment endpapers

Innards: 160 pages of 80lb white drawing paper, great for pencil, fountain pen, even some dip pen applications.

When we think of a "hardcover" book, we usually mean a casebound tome. After the textblock is sewn, glued, and reinforced, it is cased-in to the cover. What results is a durable book that will last for a few lifetimes. Casebound books are generally a sort of compromise between the wide-opening longstitch binding and the need for some rigidity and/or the desire for a more "traditional" book. I carefully measure and construct my own casebound books to open more easily than usual, without sacrificing security or structural integrity. 

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