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Find Your Way Companion Notebooks

Find Your Way Companion Notebooks

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I have not made any pocket notebooks like this in some time, but I always enjoy playing around with images, colors, and different paper and cardstock. Why would you want these when there are other brands of pocket notebooks? Imagine that your favorite brand made a three pack of notebooks, made entirely by hand, held together with careful sewing instead of staples or glue, and full of excellent paper that you can even use with your fountain pens. Pretty good, right? Now: imagine that they are less than half the price, and you can pick your page format. I'm excited, too, and I'm the one who made them!

As the traditional season of travel hits the Western hemisphere, I find myself planning at least one trip away from home. Of course, I am thinking of what book to take for planning, recording, and storing little mementos. My travel journal is too full for this trip, and even its small size leaves it not quite pocket friendly for fitting into some Levi’s chino shorts. I love pocket notebooks like Field Notes, but I also like to use fountain pens at the odd cafe’ stop and at my hotel. So I’m happy to present the first set of Companion Books, the Find Your Way Edition.

Each book features a vintage reference image of a way of finding one's direction: a globe, a sextant, and a compass. I carefully folded each cover itself on the fore-edge, to provide some extra reinforcement against dogeared pages from your pocket or pack. I used thread colors that approximate the colors of the covers, and I sort of juggled them around a little (images of all of this will be below). There is no branding (outside of the bellyband), with only an image and the name of the edition on the outside of the covers -- with pigmented ink from Canon.

Past editions of pocket notebooks sold out very quickly, and I do not currently plan on making more just like these. With only 40 sets, when these are gone, you might not be able to find your way home. 

Size: Approx 5 X 3.5 inches

Covers: Slightly textured stocks from Neenah (made in the USA)

Binding: Figure eight binding, with Irish linen thread (waxed with local beeswax)

Paper: 32 pages of 24lb Classic Crest in "Solar White" (made in the USA)


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