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Cool Summer Treats Hardcover A5 Journal

Cool Summer Treats Hardcover A5 Journal

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Lots of writers, artists, travelers, and other folks who appreciate a blank book prefer a more…traditional hardcover journal, and I am happy to oblige. (I took a small version with me on a recent trip to Massachusetts because: CLASSIC!) I sew the text blocks with 25/3 Irish linen thread, waxed with The Good Stuff from the Central Maryland Beekeepers Association. The construction you cannot see consists of archival adhesive, and spine reinforcement of cloth and then fine Japanese paper.

I have largely switched over to the Bradel method of producing these kinds of books. It works a lot like the usual casebound method that we all learn to love (or not). In the case of a Bradel binding, the spine piece and front/back cover boards are attached before the cloth and/or paper/card are applied. This helps to get more precise measurements for the fore-edge and -- especially -- the hinge, allowing binders to achieve a good balance of mechanical integrity and “openability.” The result is a durable book that will drape open surprisingly easily.

The Japanese paper I use inside is smooth, dense -- but relatively thin. So while you can use both sides of the page and your ink actually dry (ahem), what it does have in common with the lauded Tomoe River paper that I can fit a lot of pages into a compact binding -- 240 A5 pages for all of your needs, inside of a one-of-a-kind cover that will protect it all and not break your shoulder or your bank account.

You should probably commission a dozen in your favorite color, for the same price as pre-made books! I’m just saying. 

***Hardcover books ship in a protective box!***

Size: 8.25 X 5.75 inches

Binding: Bradel style with linen thread and matching endbands

Cover: Cloth and decorative card over boards

Innards: 64 gsm super smooth stock from Japan; 240 lined pages

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