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Blue Floral Cafe' Journals

Blue Floral Cafe' Journals

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Depending on how you feel about Winter, maybe you're already dreaming of Spring. If so, these durably books are for you. With Classic Crest's "Whitestone," you get a paper that loves fountain pens and looks like it has a vintage texture...which turns out to be an illusion, as the paper's surface is very smooth and lovely under your graphite or your nib. Each step of these books is made by hand, and the construction and materials won't let you down. They open easily, can take a beating, and you can still fit them in your fanny/crossbody bag.

Size: 5.25 X 4.25 inches

Binding: Casebound with archival materials; matching endbands

Paper: 200 lined pages of 24lb Classic Crest in "Whitestone" (made in the USA)

About This Binding:

When we think of a "hardcover" book, we usually mean a casebound tome. After the textblock is sewn, glued, and reinforced, it is cased-in to the cover. What results is a durable book that will last for a few lifetimes. Casebound books are generally a sort of compromise between the wide-opening longstitch binding and the need for some rigidity and/or the desire for a more "traditional" book. I carefully measure and construct my own casebound books to open more easily than usual, without sacrificing security or structural integrity. 

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