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A Year of Gratitude, Turquoise with Tackets

A Year of Gratitude, Turquoise with Tackets

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I made a lot of these around the holidays and New Year, as folks made promises to themselves, to others, and even to The Universe to be more grateful. Combined with positive feedback over the little monthly versions I made for friends and clients, I thought I'd bind some more and make them available on yonder site. 

Every morning, under “Today, I Get To,” write a little about the actions and experiences to which you feel lucky to look forward. Dig deeply if you have to: a coffee break, a peaceful bus ride, financial security, friends who love you, your favorite NPR station’s weekday programming, clean water to drink, personal safety.

At the end of each day, under “Today, I Got To,” write about what wonderful things you were fortunate enough to experience -- especially the unexpected. Maybe you found a few minutes to breathe when you really needed it. Or someone told you how much you mean to them. Or you found a serendipitous pen and ink combination. Or you learned to appreciate some peace that so few people have.

Size: 5 X 4 1/4 inches

Binding: Late medieval long stitch with 100% flax linen thread (waxed with pure, local beeswax)

Cover: Kraft-Tex, a cellulose based fiber used as an ecological and vegan alternative to leather; hand-dyed in Germany; I'm fairly certain that Sapphire is no longer being made, for which I silently weep.

Innards: 384 pre-formatted pages (more than one a day for a year) of 24lb Classic Crest, in Whitestone -- a special stock that looks textured by which is absolutely smooth and wonderful for fountain pens.

Closure: Riveted metal snap button

Dating at least as far back as the late Medieval period, this "stationery" binding was developed to be simple, durable, and portable. Combined with modern materials, you have a journal that will *not* bust, that shows off its non-adhesive binding, and that opens wide for you right from the start.

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