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Tiny Halloween Notebooks

Tiny Halloween Notebooks

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These little books are perfect for your pocket, no matter what the season. Inside of the Halloween themed signature wrappers, you'll find 192 pages of 28lb, super smooth, super white blank paper. The page count gives them a pleasing HEFT, and it's all held together by a minimalist elastic closure surrounding the black Kraft-Tex cover.*

Size: 3.75 X 2.75
Cover: Black Kraft-Tex
Binding style: Longstitch with French link through the spine cut-out
Thread: Waxed lilac
Paper: 28lb bond, super smooth, with 24lb colorful signature wrappers
Page format: Blank
Etc.: Round black elastic closure

*Kraft-Tex is a paper-based fabric that is durable, sustainable, vegan, and can even be used in place of leather on notebooks, bags, etc. So, yeah, its' basically MAGIC.

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