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Pencil Revolution Press

Pencil Lovers' Journals

Pencil Lovers' Journals

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Each of these books is chocked full of a whopping 400 page of regular 20lb bond paper. If you prefer pencil (or ballpoints; I don't judge), these books are a great and colorful way to carry around A LOT (I mean, seriously, 400 pages!) of paper. The Coptic binding is durable, allows the book to open wide from the get-go, and it won't bust. Each book is one of a kind and measures 6.75 X 4.25 inches and weights in at 11oz. Choose from the three colors below:

Red Dots (light pink thread and confetti endpapers)

Hello Hearts (dark red thread and endpapers)

Red Stripes (dark pink thread and black endpapers)

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