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Parchment Filled Upcycled Library Journals

Parchment Filled Upcycled Library Journals

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Inside of these reused (and trimmed) ex-library book covers, 192 lined pages of lush parchment await your fountain pen inks, pencil lines, or whatever you use to record your thoughts. The 24lb vegan parchment is made in the USA and printed with lines (about 1/4 inch) in-house. At 8 X 5 1/4 inches, these are veritable tomes in which to write *a whole lot*!

I sew these with either a single needle or a six needle Coptic style binding. In each case, the construction results in a durably bound book that opens flat from the start and which shows off the stitching pattern along the exposed spine. I use 100% linen binding thread from Northern Ireland and wax it myself with pure beeswax from the Central Maryland Beekeepers Association.

The covers are from discarded library books, already having lived one life, and ready to accept the gift of your writings. Unless otherwise noted, I retain the original endpages on the insides of the covers. Each book is unique and absolutely one of a kind and contains a library card and holder in the back. The holder is modeled from a historical example of a Enoch Pratt Library card holder from the mid-20th century, while the card contains details about your individual book.

Please see below for details about available books

Details: 8 X 5.25 inches

Blue1 (cold blue cover with original cloth edge; navy blue thread; single needle binding)

Black1 (textured black cover; dark green, mustard, and red thread; six needle binding)

Blue2 (royal blue cover with old torch debossing in corner; white, blue and yellow thread; six needle binding)

Warm Grey (grey cloth cover; grey thread; single needle binding)


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