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Miniature Buttonstrapped Blank Books

Miniature Buttonstrapped Blank Books

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I make my miniatures with the same care and quality materials as my regularly sized (and also the outright huge) books. The books in this batch are covered in tan/light brown Kraft-Tex, sewn with contrasting French thread, and are full of 80lb drawing paper -- 120 thick pages of it. The closure is new (to me): the strap is riveted to the flap, wraps around the book, and then buttons with a satisfying snap. This means there is no button under the pages when you fill these Tiny Little Champions up!

Size: 2.25 X 1.75 inches (approx)

Binding: Slotted Longstitch with contrasting waxed thread (see photos)

Cover Materials: Kraft vegan “tree leather” (Kraft-Tex)

Misc: Contrasting K-T strap closure with metal button 

Paper Stock: 80lb drawing paper

Page Count: 120

Page Format: Blank


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