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Islamic Tile Bullet Journal with Cotton Paper

Islamic Tile Bullet Journal with Cotton Paper

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While this is not an Islamic binding, the cover material is a thick faux leather fabric featuring Islamic tiles from around the world. I used an over-the-cover longstitch through slots binding, adding some yellow to the already bright patterns of the material. Inside, 200 pages of cotton blend paper are eager for your inks and carbons, and the dot grid pattern would make this a the perfect bullet journal for fountain pen users.

For a closure, the strappy-snap means that the buttons and the belt are all attached to the flap, i.e., totally out of your way when you are writing.

Please read on for some history of this binding method, as well as details about your particular book.

Size: 7 X 4.25 inches

Binding: Medieval longstitch through slots (a la Keith Smith); Irish linen thread

Paper: 240 dot gridded pages; 24lb, 25% cotton "Capital Bond" (made in the USA)

About This Binding:

Dating at least as far back as the late Medieval period, this "stationery" binding was developed to be simple, durable, and portable. Combined with modern materials, you have a journal that will *not* bust, that shows off its non-adhesive binding, and that opens wide for you right from the start.

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